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Canvass Analytics

Data Scientist at Canvass Analytics

Toronto, Ontario · Full Time
Canvass Analytics automates the entire data science process for Industrial companies using Artificial Intelligence and powerful Machine Learning algorithms to accelerate the decision-making process. With Canvass, Industrial companies get a clear understanding of their data in order to increase yield, reduce costs or improve efficiency. Read More
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Job Description

Industry + Data Scientist. That's the combination we are looking for!

As a Data Scientist at Canvass Analytics, you will be using artificial intelligence to solve some of the most complex processes in the Industrial sector. In this role, you will contribute to the development and deployment of modern artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, operational research, semantic analysis, and statistical methods for finding structure in large data sets. The Data Scientist will regularly work with the Product team in order to disseminate knowledge and skills specific to the operational requirements, collection and handling of Industrial operational data.

Key Attributes of the Data Scientist Role:

- A strong background in statistics, advanced machine learning technologies and deep learning
- Demonstrated success in solving complex problems using AI, preferably in Industrial environments
- Experience in dealing with variously-structured, massive datasets
- Competence with rapid prototyping of data analysis procedures and modeling, as well as with iterative development of complex production-bound models
- Ability to take large-scale perspective over their work in order to evaluate delivered value
- Out-of-the-box thinker
- Familiarity with at least one foundational programming language: C++, Python, or Java


- Develop and enhance the algorithms and technology that power the Canvass AI Platform
- Identify, research and realize key machine learning technical capabilities in the industry
- Lead, design, and build mid- to high complexity machine learning systems
- Clearly articulate point-of-view, taking into account the perspective of all related parties in the machine learning technology solution space
- Adapt communication techniques for audiences at multiple internal/external levels to achieve clear representation of complex concepts and business use cases
- Foster effective learning team environment in machine learning space
- Develop customer facing reports showing the results and analysis through the Canvass Analytics platform

Required Technical & Professional Skills:

- Minimum 4 years professional experience in machine learning
- Self-reliant; able to work independently and accept responsibility for projects
- Willingness to learn and experiment and a passion for technology
- Excellent communications skills to communicate high level concepts to our development and product teams as well as our customers
- Readiness to travel 20% annually

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What We're Building

Canvass delivers AI-powered predictive analytics for the Industrial Internet of Things. The Canvass platform distills millions of operational data points into actionable insights that empower Industrial companies to optimize their production processes, maintenance and energy management programs in order to increase yield, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, the Canvass platform automates the entire data analysis process – from data collection, model creation, predictions and model retraining. As a result, operational teams get the most accurate prediction that helps them anticipate process inefficiencies, predict equipment failures, and foresee energy usage in real-time.

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Canvass Analytics Team

Humera Malik
Founder Canvass Analytics Entrepreneur with a passion for building technology businesses. Believe in getting it done not hope of getting it done.
Courtney Deinert
Market Strategy at Canvass Analytics
Steve Kludt
Chief Data Scientist
Annie Saiyid
Operations Manager at Canvass Analytics