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Redefining car ownership

Canvas was created to serve the ever-changing needs of the modern driver. We know car ownership can be complicated, so we’re working on creative solutions to alleviate many of the hassles associated with the traditional ways of getting a car. At Canvas, we have the DNA of a startup with the backing and expertise of the global Ford brand. As we look to grow our team, we’re looking for individuals who are resourceful, energetic, and up for the challenge of making cars easy. Read More

What We're Building

We’re an online platform offering convenient and personalized car subscriptions. All of our cars come standard with insurance, maintenance, warranty coverage, and roadside assistance.

At Canvas, our mission is simple: rethink car ownership to meet the needs of the modern day driver.

We strive to make getting a car easier and more seamless.

We understand modern transportation needs are those requiring convenient, multi-modal, innovative solutions, and we’re accepting the challenge

Join our team to help define the future of mobility.

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Jobs at Canvas

Canvas Team

Ned Ryan
CEO @Canvas , Previously CEO and Co-Founder @Breeze , Growth @Homejoy
Ben Erez
Product Manager @Abstract, previously @Canvas , @Life360. Also building @Breathe
James Hunvanich
Software Engineer at Canvas.
Eric Radist
Innovative strategy & operations professional with 5+ years of progressive management experience across a broad range of business development functions.
Phil Wittig
First eng hire @Breeze, Product Manager @ScheduleSoft, BS @Madison
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