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Amazingly simple graphic design.

Hiring in Sydney · 11-50 Employees · $3.6M Seed in 2014... ·
Canva Jobs : Screenshot
Canva Jobs : Screenshot
Canva Jobs : Screenshot

"The easiest to use design program in the world”.
– The Webbys

“Canva enables anyone to become a designer”

Canva is an incredibly simple to use online design platform that is making design accessible to the 99.7% of internet users that don’t own or can’t use the Adobe products.. It integrates a full stock photography library, vector library, font library and layout library into a drag and drop design tool which enables everyone to create incredible designs for web and print.


- 850,000 signups
- Over 5.8 million designs created
- Over 1.2m designs created last month
- Amazing engineering team comprised of mostly ex-Googlers & ex-Atlassian
- Solid growth every month across all key metrics since launch

Why Us?

Go to:

- Team of proven entrepreneurs and ex-Google engineers
- Big problem with an awesome solution
- Build a consumer productivity app that your mum can use
- Located in sunny Sydney


Full Time
$90K – $110K
0.01% – 0.02%

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Melanie Perkins
CEO of @Canva. Previously founded @Fusion Books.
Cliff Obrecht
COO of @Canva, 1st Software startup at 20 (, which grew to Australia's Largest yearbook company. Strong business and operations background
Cameron Adams
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer @Canva Previously founded @Fluent & designer at @Google (Wave). Speaker. Author.
Hannah Yan Field
works @Canva, worked @Dropbox, @Pandora, @bmop
Zach Kitschke
Head of Communications at @Canva
Mahesh Muralidhar
attitude is everything
Lee Torrens
Blogger and Industry Analyst at Microstock Diaries
Alexey Mitko
2 Masters, worked in 4 startups, accounting and operations is what I do
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Bill Tai
Bill Tai
Angel: Twitter (Tweetdeck) @Tango @Voxer (BOD) @Treasure Data (Chmn). Seed: @Wish, Soundtracking. Past BOD of 7 Listed companies incl one I founded.
Voxer, Bubble Gum Interactive, Ark,, Glyde, Scribd, TVU Networks, Tweetdeck, Twitter, VideoEgg, Hard Candy Cases, Wish, Nantero, Transmeta, Stackmob, Maxthon, Tango Video, Sensr, Schematic Labs, makers of SoundTracking, Caterva, Miselu, Treasure Data, Luluvise, Tango, Pygg, Toro,, Canva, Shoes of Prey, Posse, Zendrive, uBiome, TrueVault, SafetyCulture, ALOHA, MaiCoin, Cotopaxi, Bitfury, LaunchHub
Josh Hannah
Josh Hannah
General Partner at @Matrix Partners; Founder & Director at; Entrepreneur and Investor. Gambler, guy who knows how to do a lot of things.
Taulia, AngelList, SendHub, Buffer, Verbling, Splitwise, Aardvark, Bacon Salt, Bonanzle, Covestor, Dealbase, DesignerApparel, Huddler, Ning, Nirvaha, Phonezoo, Wetpaint, Minted, wikiHow, Quora, Huddle, Blingo, Inflection, LikeALittle, NetProspex, Jirafe, Canva, Kinnek, Tradesy, Pigeonly, HoneyBook, SkyKick, Vacatia, Say Media, True Link, CodeHS, Clutter, One Month, AltSchool, Rinse, Onename, RecargaPay, Exo, Spatch, Headout, Opendoor, Luxe, Carbon, Orphidia, Mixmax, Vault12, Chai, Service, Cola
Susan Wu
Susan Wu
Investor/Advisor in Twitter, Square, Jawbone, LIFX, others. Currently @Stripe. Previously, Founding Partner Obvious/Medium, CMO Apache Software Foundation.
Square, Twitter, Canva
Shan Mehta
Shan Mehta
Co-founder @SnapUp, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
Stickery, Pen io, AngelList, Colingo, Veenome, Clothia, Kitchit, Wanelo, Buffer, UserVoice, MightyText, Origami Labs, GoSpotCheck, Remind, Docphin, Chegg, Loggly, Qriously, Lenderlive Network, WeHeartIt, ipsy,, Canva, CloudPeeps, Eruptive Games, Apartment List, NoRedink, Immediately, Blueprint Health, Eruptive Games, MissMalini Publishing, Gigster, Ribbit Capital, SnapUp, Airtable
George Kellerman
George Kellerman
Director of Operations & General Partner at Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley; former Managing Partner at 500 Startups; lived in Japan 10+ years
Babelverse, Dropmysite, Darwin Marketing, Peatix, AppSocially, LaunchTrack, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Cubie, Pogoseat, videogram, Canva, Golden Gate Ventures, ViralGains, Tealet, Partender, Floqq, Study Edge, Remark, WHILL, Aquicore, Streem, uBiome, Equipboard, DataKu (China), Volta Industries, FameBit
John Moyer
John Moyer
Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Rancher
Simple Energy, Vizify, VendScreen, Epic Playground, Music Impacts, Regalii, NBD Nanotechnologies, Roost, Canva, VerbalizeIt, Peeled Snacks, Conspire, ONtheGO Platforms, Ovuline, Graft Concepts, Coin, Shopventory, TrueVault, Ecovent, Weave, Sliced Investing, Lassy Project, Wevorce

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