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A few things that make us unique as a company:
- We’re a distributed team with contributors from San Francisco, Seattle, London, Warsaw, and elsewhere. Never has meeting your coworkers been this much fun!
- Our core technology was developed by a team of 3 Stanford engineers, with help from one of the world’s leading predictive analytics experts
- We believe a healthy employee is a productive one, and that means taking time away from the computer to cultivate other interests, which for us range from rock climbing to organic farming to game design.
- Founded by an experienced entrepreneur who has worked at 7 startups in 3 countries, including one $200M+ exit
- We reward great work with “thank you” gifts that have included a Kindle, speakers, a trip to Paris, an espresso machine, and sailing trips
- A supportive company culture focused on helping each other become better at what we do, both informally (celebrating successes, pooling expertise, sharing good reads, etc) and formally (6-week paid training period, mentoring & feedback from experienced marketers, budget for continuing education)

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What We're Building

SEO software that delivers actions and insights, not just data.

What can your competitors teach you about SEO? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Using machine learning to study how your website compares to top ranking pages, CanIRank can help you answer questions like:

- what's the one thing I should change to make the biggest impact on my rankings?
- which keywords could I rank for without even trying?
- which words should I include to make my page more relevant?
- where can I get some decent links?

Other SEO tools provide great data. CanIRank adds a layer of intelligence on top to deliver actionable insights, opportunities, and personalized recommendations. Finally, SEO software to help you spend less time collecting and analyzing data, and more time actually getting things done.

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Jobs at CanIRank

CanIRank Team

Matt Bentley
Data Analytics Product Strategist • Founder @CanIRank • Chief Scientist @growth_ai • CEO • Studied @Stanford University @Kedge Business School
Henry Butler
Lead Consultant @CanIRank. Studied and played basketball @Middlebury College
Josh Brown
Senior SEO Strategist @CanIRank #growth #SEO
Jonathan Sinclair
Ultramarathon runner, brand ambassador, @weraven founder
Emma Valentiner
Professional writer & social media manager with 10+ years of experience in creating content for marketing campaigns & the web. Previously @Intel & @PasswordBox
Stephen Jeske
I’m a content/SEO/product marketer all rolled into one. Working with B2B SaaS startups is what I enjoy most.
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