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We're developing our NASA award-winning technology to help everyone live their lives without fear. Our mission is to unobtrusively monitor deterioration of medical conditions and warn of imminent exacerbations so that the wearer can prepare for the oncoming attack. Read More
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Job Description

Who is Canaria Technologies?

- NASA Space Apps Global Award Best Use of Hardware 2016
- Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge Worldwide Top 10 Tech Startups 2017
-UAE Global Aerospace Summit Young Space Leader 2018
-Komatsu Top 4 Tech Innovators 2018

Canaria is a company that stands at the crossroads of innovation between the space industry, the resources sector, medicine, and cutting edge AI. We’re a NASA-endorsed hardware startup building the first generation of predictive medical devices. Our flagship product in development is the Canaria, ‘the miner’s Canary for the era of space travel’; a real-time medical-grade biometric monitor powered by machine learning to predict and prevent catastrophic accidents caused by cognitive fatigue. This same product will also be used in government agency and commercial astronaut training programmes. Our vision is to create the gold standard for the emerging field of predictive medical devices; starting with applications in the resources sector, extending into medicine, and manned space exploration.

Having completed the Unearthed Accelerator Programme in 2017, the company is currently running Proof-of-Concept trials to prove that our wearable technology can predict and prevent fatigue-related accidents better than any competing technology.

How the role is important to the company

We’re looking for an extraordinary individual to join us with co-founder status to oversee our manufacturing process and play a significant role in the scaling of the company. The role is based in the exquisite sub-tropical river city of Brisbane, Australia, less than an hour away from some of the best surfing in the world along the Gold Coast.

A day in the life of

- Finding manufacturing partners (initially local in Australia, scaling to mass production in southeast Asia) and building strong partnerships
- Working with manufacturing partners on the final designs of our hardware, regularly flying overseas to oversee manufacture and troubleshoot problems
- Protecting company IP during negotiations with manufacturing partners and implementing manufacturing techniques which deter reverse-engineering
- Embedded software development
- Working with data scientists to optimise the predictive nature of our hardware
- Maintaining quality management for the FDA, CE and TGA medical device certification process
- Preparing specialist equipment for use in space (government agencies and commercial)
- Setting up the cloud storage of the data gathered from the devices
- Attending investor meetings alongside the CEO
- Attending significant client meetings alongside the CEO

This job might be for you if:

- You have experience in manufacturing wearable devices or medical devices
- You want to play a serious role in the scaling of a high-tech company from a handful of clients, to an international powerhouse, launching new products annually
- You have a track record of excellence in running your own projects
- You are at your best under high pressure and tight deadlines
- You are an excellent communicator and can easily explain complex technical topics to non-technical executives
- You are empathetic towards users and can easily place yourself in their shoes when designing new products or refining current products for mass manufacture
- You’re willing to put in long hours for serious financial gain upon a company exit
- You have an understanding of machine learning
- You want to contribute to a new scientific field, creating products which have the potential to save millions of lives

You are hungry for…

- Adventure
- Global recognition as a founder of an elite hardware company
- A high quality of life in a beautiful climate
- Pushing forward new scientific breakthroughs and winning scientific accolades

Who you’ll be working with:

Alex Moss – CEO & Head Designer

Dr Rob Finean – Global CTO

To apply, contact CEO Alex Moss directly (Australia) or CTO Dr Rob Finean (UK)

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What We're Building

Just like the canaries used by Victorian miners as an early warning system, Canaria predicts when a dangerous situation is likely to happen and raises an alarm. The earpiece is worn unobtrusively behind the ear and constantly monitors the wearer's circulatory and respiratory systems and head position.

Canaria’s purpose is to counter two of the main causes of accidents in the mining industry:
1. Fatigue. Canaria builds individual bio-markers of wearers to predict when vigilance related accident is about to take place and warn the wearer to stop dangerous work immediately.
2. Erratic communication of accidents via radio. Canaria produces live alerts of structural collapse via the wearer’s vital signs to accelerate emergency response times.

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