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Predicting life-threatening events with unobtrusive biometric systems

We're developing our NASA award-winning technology to help everyone live their lives without fear. Our mission is to unobtrusively monitor deterioration of medical conditions and warn of imminent exacerbations so that the wearer can prepare for the oncoming attack. Read More
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What We're Building

Just like the canaries used by Victorian miners as an early warning system, Canaria predicts when a dangerous situation is likely to happen and raises an alarm. The earpiece is worn unobtrusively behind the ear and constantly monitors the wearer's circulatory and respiratory systems and head position.

Canaria’s purpose is to counter two of the main causes of accidents in the mining industry:
1. Fatigue. Canaria builds individual bio-markers of wearers to predict when vigilance related accident is about to take place and warn the wearer to stop dangerous work immediately.
2. Erratic communication of accidents via radio. Canaria produces live alerts of structural collapse via the wearer’s vital signs to accelerate emergency response times.

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Jobs at Canaria

Canaria Team

Rob Finean
Developing the Wireless Internet
Alex Moss
CEO & Head Designer of Canaria

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