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Fixing k-12 education in India | MIT, Harvard, IIT team

We're an education startup co-founded by a Computer Science grad from MIT/Harvard and the former CEO of Apple India. We started out as India's first coding bootcamp for K-12 students and schools, teaching topics like Drone Programming, Android App Development, Game Programming, Full-Stack Web Development to students across the nation. Today we're building web and mobile products to deliver powerful learning experiences to students online, at scale. More info below. Read More

What We're Building

1. Camp K12 "MentorMatch": On-demand 1-on-1 Mentorship App. Get help from tech gurus anytime anywhere through chats + audio/video calls. Pay as you go.

2. Camp K12 "LIVE": Intelligent / gamified virtual classrooms where students learn from real people rather than pre-recorded videos, and earn rewards for peer learning (helping each other), performance on assessments, and more.

3. HatchXR: An Extended Reality (XR) app development platform. For now, Hatch allows users to design and code Virtual Reality (VR) apps in less than 2 minutes. Augmented Reality (AR) coming soon.

4. AI tutors: applied ML platform that learns from past conversations, textbooks, etc. and answers students' questions instantly and accurately.

5. Cutting-edge, in-person coding bootcamps with a focus on K-12 students: Blockchain, AI/ML, Virtual Reality, Web Dev, Android Dev, Design, and more.

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Jobs at Camp K12

Camp K12 Team

Anshul Bhagi
Founder @Camp K12 and @Proffer | Co-director | Previously McKinsey, Google, Microsoft | MIT Computer Science, Harvard MBA
Megha Reddy
Business Development Manager at Camp K12

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