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Los Angeles · Full Time
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Named one of TIME Magazine's 50 Most Genius Companies of 2018, Cameo is looking for passionate and hard working individuals to help propel Cameo to the next level! You’ll be joining a quickly growing team of smart, curious and driven colleagues, and be able to experience a rocket ship from its earliest days. We want you to be excited about coming to work every day, knowing that the work you dedicate yourself to will have a material impact and can help shape the direction of the next great tech company. We have an amazing culture, and we hope you'll be apart of it!

We’re well-funded, we have an awesome team, a fun product & great product-market fit. We have all the benefits you’d expect from a rocketship startup: bean bag chairs, a nintendo Wii, snacks. We also have some of the benefits you may not expect: health insurance, 401(k), access to resources of a top tech incubator, and opportunities to hang out with the Talent on Cameo.

You will be helping us build and improve the platform that connects fans and talent to create the perfect video shoutout. You will also play a key role in building a new app that unlocks the potential of the content our talent is creating.

As our franchise frontend software engineer, you will own our frontend (React/Redux site, React-Native app) and help us build out our team over the next couple of years. You will collaborate with our sales and data teams to make the talent experience fun and engaging, and help us deliver that perfect Cameo.

A few things about yourself:
- You take pride in your work
- You have a strong product sense
- You enjoy working with fun people
- You are a doer who is comfortable with uncertainty
- You love React.js

Things we hope you’ll bring to the table
- Familiarity with React & React Native tools
- 3+ years experience with front-end javascript frameworks
- Mobile app testing, Jest, Enzyme & integration (ie. Appium)
- The secrets of webpack ;)
- Experience scaling a website and/or a mobile app to millions of users
- An eye for beautiful design
- Related industry experience, particularly social media and/or video tech

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What We're Building

Cameo's is creating the most personalized and authentic fan experiences in the world. We're a marketplace where users can book personalized video shoutouts from their favorite people. We currently partner with thousands of talent across all verticals.

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