Calin Vingan

Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Squirrly (Wordpress SEO Plugin)

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What I Do

Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Squirrly Limited UK. We're building software that makes your Wordpress get Excellent SEO on Your next article. All white-hat and up to date.


Seasoned entrepreneur. Started my first company in 2001, was a manager in an international health care corporation, then I started some companies. I did internal products as well as out-sourcing. This is my 4th company that I co-founded.

In 2007, my EviPC product was #1 best seller for Romania in terms of e-billing software. And so was iCafe, best seller for Internet Cafe software in Romania. After this success, I launched the most powerful website builder for presentation websites.

In 2010, along with Florin Muresan, we started a freemium-based website builder with international impact.

Then I raised a nice investment for my current company, Squirrly Limited UK, from two amazing angel investors in Germany.

I've been into Software Engineering and Web Development since 2001, amassing great knowledge in the areas of PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Ajax, Zend, Zend 2, CakePHP and other technologies.

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