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Office security, simplified.

We are Butterfleye, creators of beautiful, engaging experiences. We believe in freedom, love, and connection. That life's precious memories are fleeting and they should be captured candidly. Through simplicity and human centered design, we intelligently capture your memories and bring them to your fingertips so you can keep and share them with loved ones.

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What We're Building

Butterfleye is the #1 security solution for your business.

Three benefits of Butterfleye for small business owners:
1. One-flat fee, multiple camera cloud storage. Offices always need multiple cameras. All existing solutions charge storage per camera and monthly cost of running 5-20 cameras is too high.

2. Reliability - A device that works when power is out (rechargeable battery). A device that works when internet is out (internal storage).

3. ABR & saving internet data-plan. SMBs are paying for their internet data plans. For example ONE nestcam uploads 350GB/month and one Butterfleye uploads about 2.8GB/month (This is because of ABR - and how we are bringing computer vision and smarts into the camera, sifting through hours of videos there and only uploading the important clips). The economics of internet data usage with various wifi cameras doesn't allow business owners to adopt other solutions.

Butterfleye on display @ Target OpenHouse in San Francisco since 11/15/15
Butterfleye on display @ B8ta in Palo Alto CA since 12/10/15
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Jobs at Butterfleye

Butterfleye Team

Ben Nader
CEO & Founder at @Butterfleye. Formerly Marketing & Business Management at @Texas Instruments, Software Engineer at Intel. Studied EE @Oregon State University
Astha Agarwal
Masters from Nottingham Trent University, Bachelors from Jaypee University of Information Technology, Python online course from Rice University.
Shaival Shah
Hardware Engineer, Butterfleye. NYU CE Experienced working on TI & Nordic chips, Firmware, PCB & FPGA design. Juniour database admin (Oracle-10G, perl & Shell).
Ellis Villafuerte
20+ years of hardware r&d experience with start-ups as well as big companies.
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Butterfleye Investors

Mesh Lakhani
Co Founding Partner at Mk2C, an alternative credit fund investing in technology companies.
Ken Le
Ken Le ,
Software Developer and Co-Founder at Codefry and Dzeegy
Dave Hodson
Co-founder and CTO @iPrint.com (NASD:IPRT). Co-founder and CTO @MessageCast (Sold to @Microsoft). StartX mentor, technical advisor.
Joe Beninato
Investor and repeat entrepreneur involved in 8 startups full-time. Two IPOs, three acquisitions, and two companies still private. MIT aerospace engineer.
Mike Dussault
SpaceX currently, Valve for 10 yrs, co-created hit Morfo app, director of dev for Lithtech engine (shipped in 60+ gaming titles).
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