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Jordan Knox
Co-Founder Previously co-founder & CMO @Crux and @LAUNCH Alum.
Jack Hirsch
CEO @ Former Product VP @ Evernote. Proud dog dad of a Dane named Lou.
Juan Carlos Perez
Co-founder . Previously co-founder/CEO @Crux . On a mission to solve basic human problems using AI, human creativity, and lots of caffeine.
Adam Walz
Co-Founder & CTO Previously AI engineer and Natural Language Search developer @Evernote
Danial Jaffry
Worked at Crux,
Wentao Lu
I'm currently studying in the master's program for CSE in Penn State. Check my Github page out for my working sample. I can and will be a great developer.
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Ryan Allis
Chairman/CEO of Hive Companies (2014-present), Investor @ Hive Ventures, Led @iContact to $169M exit, MBA @Harvard Business School.
 Stephen Hawinkels
Finance professional with a significant interest in technology and startups / angel investing. Based in San Francisco