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We believe that language learning does not need to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive. That’s why we have created busuu, the easy and effective way to learn another language.

We are a friendly and fun, experienced international team who come from a variety of backgrounds but who share a passion for tech start-ups and education. Besides the opportunity to impact digital language education

busuu is the world´s largest social network for learning languages with over 55 million users around the world and acquiring up to 100k new users per day. We offer free and paid-for access to audio-visual language courses in several languages. At the same time, users can improve their language skills directly with other native speakers of our community via an integrated video chat application and peer-to-peer text corrections. The vision of busuu is to enable everyone in the world to learn a new language

Bernhard Niesner
Co-founder & CEO @busuu • 50m+ users • Worked at @Roland Berger Strategy Consultants • MBA from @IE Business School
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