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What We're Building

BOM is a premier urban magazine, providing definitive coverage of literature, music, graphic design (art), style, technology, and culture. Dreamers, rising, aspiring, and up and coming successes have a community with the magazine­­a place they can go to learn how to forge ahead, persevere, and make their goals a reality. BOM immerses itself in what will be NEXT, and how to be it by leading readers on paths aimed at achieving success. Every issue of BOM will be inspirational, relevant, thought­ provoking, and influential.

BurstOut (BurstOut Magazine) is a Division of RJTIO.

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BurstOut Magazine Team

RJ Tolson
CMO • Experienced Lead Innovative Executive • Founder of Several Companies • Bestselling Author
Aaron West
Editor-in-Chief of BurstOut Magazine • Theoretical Physics at Queen Mary • Film Editor • Writer
Kimberly Johnson
Columnist @BurstOut | Venue Manager | Professional Actor & Model
Bobbi-Marie Mendoza
Worked at Whittier Rio Hondo AIDS Project, Whittier College. Experience in Advertising, Accounting, Brand Management.