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Team success platform for scaling culture and hiring people that fit your team

Great teams have great cultures. We know that. We're here to help the rest of the world get there. We're creating magic at the intersection of psychology, data and machine learning to help teams worldwide succeed - Join us!

What We're Building

Bunch is a team success platform that helps high-growth companies hire people who fit their team and culture. Bunch maps a team’s culture baseline, allowing companies to screen all candidates for team fit and predict their impact on culture and performance. The platform enables companies to create highly-aligned teams and to shape their culture to boost business growth.

The Bunch assessment takes just 10 minutes and is based on the scientific model developed in Stanford GSB. Since launch, over 300 startups have helped validate our model, helping us build a fast-growing client base that trusts in our research-backed technology.

Behind Bunch is a team of experienced psychologists, data scientists, and engineers, all working tirelessly to enable teams worldwide to build a culture that attracts, retains and engages talent.

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Jobs at Bunch

Bunch Team

Darja Gutnick
CEO of Bunch. Founded 2 investor-funded startups & bootstrapped 1 consulting business. Driven, business-minded. Ph.D. drop-out due to entrepreneurial ambition.
Sam Tims
Currently working at Bunch. Experienced with early-stage startups, product development, UX, User Research, HR/recruiting, sales.
Charles Ahmadzadeh
Full stack software generalist, focused on distributed systems with strong experience on real time solutions and high quality software and practices.
Anthony A. Reo
Social Innovation + Product Management | Building PRODOPOLIS — a global product community with utopian ideals. | Berlin Ambassador @Super Global
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Bunch Investors

Sebastian Müller
I founded my first startup in 2004. After 10 years as COO of Chal-Tec I'm now taking my strategic knowledge and “hands on” approach to help startups to succeed.

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