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Helping businesses manage their physical assets with analytics and IoT

We believe that within the next 5 years most businesses will be connected (and sooner than our homes!). So we're on a mission to help them manage their (physical) assets in a smart way, using apps and IoT technologies, to operate more efficiently and achieve significant cost savings.
We're currently hosted by the Greenwich Digital Innovation Centre (www.digitalgreenwich.com) an exciting Smart City initiative.

What We're Building

Here's the thing, companies finance many physical assets that cost them money if they don't track them. The problem is, above a certain volume (typically more than 50 assets) trying to do this with excel spreadsheets and paperwork becomes a nightmare!

Our NextGen asset management web app helps customers with 3 main things:
1- Consolidate all data about their assets in one place and keep history (e.g. events, costs, location)
2- Automate many administrative tasks (e.g. order, delivery, allocation to users or organisation, damages, returns/exits) and work more efficiently
3- Get smart data (KPIs, dashboards, real-time notification and alerts) based on our analysis of all the data we collect from many sources (e.g. users, suppliers) including data from assets' sensors using IoT

Indeed, we believe that in the next few years IoT and asset sensors will generate a large volume of data that will enable us to provide real-time meaningful info to our customers.

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Jobs at Bulb Software

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