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Growth Lead at Buffy

New York City · Full Time
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Job Description

Buffy is seeking an experienced performance marketing professional to report directly to the CEO, and ensure Buffy's continued growth. The Growth Lead is expected to be a key revenue and profit driver for the company, ultimately with end-to-end performance marketing responsibility across the
lifecycle of the customer experience—acquisition, conversion, analytics and attribution.

The ideal candidate is meticulous about driving a quality audience to conversion in continuity, reducing acquisition costs while increasing customer lifetime value. This person should have a focus on (and love for) analytics – testing and establishing various customer segments and targeted messages while also establishing which channels are most efficient and where our marketing efforts and budgets should be directed. The integration of marketing principles with data-driven results is critical.

As Growth Lead, you'll own Buffy's growth engine. You’ll be focused on initiating, testing and running campaigns across multiple channels to reach new audiences and acquire new customers. Channels will include, but will not be limited to: paid social, display, email, broadcast media and direct mail. You’ll have a leading role in setting acquisition strategy and will have direct ownership of Buffy's cost of acquisition metrics. You’ll manage the lion's share of our marketing budget, and will be focused on acquiring high-quality customers in an efficient way, consistently and relentlessly testing new channels and approaches. With a generous per-unit contribution margin to play with, you will have the full support of senior management to experiment and test new ideas aggressively in search of category-leading acquisition strategies.


• Define marketing strategy for customer acquisition and sustainable long-term growth of the business
• Define best-in-class practices for each digital marketing channel – social (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), SEM/SEO, affiliates, email, display, ads, traditional media – to drive sales, profit and engagement
• Communicate strategies and results to senior management on a consistent basis
• Lead, mentor and grow a high-performing team


• Manage Buffy's media budget & recommended budget allocations based on analytics & key KPIs
• Build out, execute, and optimize new user acquisition across all platforms (mobile web, native app and desktop campaigns)
• Provide thoughtful leadership and perspective for adoption of emerging media & technology
• Collaborate with the brand team, web product and engineering to optimize conversion and drive marketing spend efficiency


• Drive the performance marketing attribution methodology for Buffy
• Report & analyze last-click and multi-touch attribution to develop an understanding of the impact of spend as well as online & offline interaction in the funnel
• Must aggressively track, measure and report cohorts and conversion metrics across all campaigns daily


• Review aggregated data sets and draw out high level insights with recommendations
• Provide weekly/monthly/quarterly trend and performance reports to key stakeholders


The ideal candidate will be a growth-oriented executive who is an
analytical, data driven marketer. Relevant qualifications include:

• Track record of success, in a high-growth consumer company
• Successful track record of scaling / increasing subscriber acquisition,
engagement and retention while limiting costs and maximizing lifetime
value for online and mobile audiences
• Direct-to-consumer experience on client or agency side, developing
and managing multi-million dollar response based acquisition
• Strong background in direct response, owned and earned media, PR,
and social specifically in the B2C space
• Must have experience attracting top talent and mentoring high
performing marketers
• Demonstrated track record in developing and growing a successful
business in a highly competitive environment
• Track record of innovation using emerging marketing channels across
the web and mobile platforms

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What We're Building

What's Buffy made of? On the outside, Buffy is made from natural, sustainably-sourced eucalyptus, which is what you'd get if cotton and silk had a lovechild. On the inside are fibers seven times finer than an eyelash, spun and loosely woven together hundreds of times like cotton candy, so that it's fluffy yet light. Its also uses a fabric technology (used by The North Face, Lululemon and tested by the US Olympic Training Center) to make fabrics more breathable - millions of microscopic natural minerals are embedded in the fibers of every Buffy to remove unwanted heat or humidity.

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