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11-50 Employees · $3.5M Series A in 2014... ·
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Buffer is the simplest and most powerful social media publishing and analytics platform. We help over 1.8m SMBs, of which 28,000+ are paying to power their social media accounts, publishing over 500,000 posts every day. We have consistently grown 10% MoM on average for the last 24 months, having just crossed $4.6m in ARR.

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Social Media
AngelPad Fall 2011
Small and Medium Businesses
Productivity Software
Why Us?

We're building a widespread consumer product users really love. We're a small team of 12, but we already have 900,000 users and are profitable.

We have amazing advisors and investors on board, and we'll be growing fast in the coming year. We'd love you to be part of the exciting journey.

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Joel Gascoigne
Co-founder and CEO of @Buffer. Freemium SaaS product with 40,000 paying customers, $7m ARR. 42 person distributed team spread across 28 cities, 4 continents.
Tom Moor
Co-Founder of @Sqwiggle. Previously Co-Founder of @Buffer. I live startups, make things people want and focus on the little details
Leo Widrich
Co-Founder and COO @Buffer, simple and powerful social media publishing and analytics. I focus on customer development, growth, marketing and BD.
Sunil Sadasivan
CTO of Buffer. Previous Co-Founder at @Fancite, Software Engineer at @Kno, Inc and @cisco-systems-deleted-deleted.
Dan Farrelly
Engineer at @Buffer. Previously worked at @Slated
Rodolphe Dutel
Founder @Oh I Like Art, Remotive • Worked at @Google, @Buffer • Studied at @IESEG School of Management
Maxime Berthelot
“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”. I'm a "data guy" fascinated with how products are growing.
Brian Lovin
Founder @ The Kollection, Co-Founder @ Mvsic
Eric Khun
Software Engineer. I make life a little bit easier
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Jay Baer
Jay Baer
NY Times best selling author, speaker, consultant. 19 years in digital marketing. Angel. Founder of 5 multi-million dollar services firms.
CMP.LY, Shwaag, Buffer, PageLever, Little Bird, FetchBack, SproutBox, GreenNurture, Senestech, Addvocate,, CloudPeeps, Uberflip, Breather, Rival IQ
Alan Braverman
Alan Braverman
Entrepreneur, Angel, Programmer * Co-founder of @Nama @The Giant Pixel @Xoom @Geni @Yammer @Mollyguard * Godfather of @Eventbrite
Merchant Atlas, EDEO (MinoMonsters), Buffer, Pocket Change, InboxVudu, Jetpac, Ownza, Squrl, Dijit Media, 50 Cubes, RunWilder, 50Cubes, Park Tavern, LeadGenius, Wanderable, Human, SharePractice, Knotch, Faraday Bicycles, VaycayHero, Publet, JumpCam, SupplyBetter, Valet Anywhere, Enevo, Abra, Edisun, Grit Media
Mobius Motors, Voxer, iDoneThis, Buffer, oneQube, Cheers, Glyder, Flipagram, Renovo Motors
Red Swan
Red Swan invests in amazing humans
Days by Wander, Spree Commerce, Scopely,, 42Floors, Open Air Publishing, Wanelo, Buffer, Hinge, EverTrue, Matterport, Betterment, Warby Parker, Birchbox, Styleowner, Wheelz, Hailo, Thanx, Cabify, Cambrian Genomics, Aidin, Sunglass, Chloe + Isabel, SeatGeek, OrderAhead, One Jackson, Tradesy, Coinbase, Floored, Trumaker, Nomi, Artivest, Whistle Labs, Cover, RJ Metrics, Keychain Logistics, Asseta, Help Remedies, Kelvin, Harry's, Mic, Hightower, Building Robotics, Bond Street, Zoomer, Bread, Oscar Insurance, SolidX Partners, brightwheel, Even, Interviewed
Collaborative Fund
Skillshare, Elevate, Days by Wander, AngelList, Getable, Buffer, InVenture, Assembly, Meddik, SnowShoe Stamp, TaskRabbit, HelloSign, Rally, Maker Studios, Good Eggs, UpCounsel, Quarterly, Sessions, HICKIES, DIY, Particle (formerly Spark), Balanced, Placemeter, Lyft, Grand St., Farmstand, Bobo, Soma Water, True Link, Hampton Creek, Inc., iodine, AltSchool, MakeSpace, Exo, Guild, Bond Street, Walker & Company Brands, LivBlends, Playful Data, Earnest, Bright, Din, Zen99, Hopscotch, Sherpaa, Zipdrug
Josh Hannah
Josh Hannah
General Partner at @Matrix Partners; Founder & Director at; Entrepreneur and Investor. Gambler, guy who knows how to do a lot of things.
Taulia, AngelList, SendHub, Buffer, Verbling, Splitwise, Aardvark, Bacon Salt, Bonanzle, Covestor, Dealbase, DesignerApparel, Huddler, Ning, Nirvaha, Phonezoo, Wetpaint, Minted, wikiHow, Quora, Huddle, Blingo, Inflection, LikeALittle, NetProspex, Jirafe, Canva, Kinnek, Tradesy, Pigeonly, HoneyBook, SkyKick, Vacatia, Say Media, True Link, CodeHS, Clutter, One Month, AltSchool, Rinse, Onename, RecargaPay, Exo, Spatch, Headout, Opendoor, Luxe, Carbon, Orphidia, Mixmax, Vault12, Chai, Service, Cola
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