Digital Marketing & Growth Manager at BubbleIQ

Boulder, Denver · Full Time
We're a high growth, early-stage startup based in Boulder, CO and a graduate of the Techstars Boulder program. We're geeky automation nerds that strive to learn something new every day and live a balanced life supported by a company we love to work for. Read More
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Job Description

We're looking for a dynamic and energetic hustler to be the first marketing hire at our growing startup.

We've got an almost endless list of marketing and growth experiments we want to try but we need help to get them all done faster. This role will be very self-driven with tons of flexibility to try new experiments and build a marketing strategy from the ground up. You will be working closely with the CEO and other founders of the company.

The perfect candidate would have prior experience running paid social advertising experiments, Google AdWords campaigns, building landing pages, optimizing SEO, and making data-driven decisions. If you don't have all of these skills and are incredibly motivated and ready to learn, please reach out.

In your application please send a few ideas for marketing experiments you'd want to run.

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What We're Building

Integrate Zendesk with Slack to create efficient workflows. With BubbleIQ, customer support, IT and HR teams can engage coworkers and customers in the support process to increase agent efficiency. Customer support teams can manage private customer channels in Slack, IT and HR teams can allow employees to create tickets from Slack.

Tickets in Slack are synced with Zendesk through a thread in Slack. Messages in the thread automatically create responses to the Zendesk ticket, allowing coworkers or customers to respond in a familiar chat-based environment while keeping everything organized. Tickets can also be quickly assigned, tagged, prioritized, and responded to from Slack. The end result is a better chat-based experience for coworkers and customers, and more efficient agent workflows.

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