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Apps for Creative Expression for Kids

We're working on innovative new ways to tackle the stodgy education system. So if you're passionate about education, and you want to join a team who's working on tackling the monolith in a creative new way, this is the place for you.

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What We're Building

Bright Bot builds technology to leverage creative thinking as a key tool for self-driven learning. Educators love the simplicity and classroom focused approach to our apps.

Bright Bot's first award winning app, My Story: Book Maker for Kids, has generated over 300,000 paid downloads to date. Children have used My Story to create millions of stories. As arts programs are cut across the globe, we see this as a tragic failure of the monolithic education system reducing students to cogs in a machine. Studies show that creative curriculum, in fact, improves STEM results, SAT scores, and dropout rates, improves language learning by orders of magnitude, and promotes highly valuable creative thinking skills. Creativity is a huge asset to current and future students, and we bring those fundamental belief to everything we build. We bring dynamic creative learning apps into the classroom to leverage art, storytelling, music, and spacial learning to traditional learning topics.

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Bright Bot Team

Azin Mehrnoosh
Experienced entrepreneur and technologist. Created first company at 14. Founder of award winning social impact tech agency @CauseLabs. Focused on VR/AR now.
Zachary Hendershot
I'm passionate about how technology can change the world and have spent the last 20 years building technology large and small. I'm looking for exciting tech.