Brian Curliss

Cofounder of @MailLift
#500Strong (Batch 007)
Once Solo-Bootstrapped to $20k/mo in 6mo
Specializes in SEO, pricing, analytics, users, and growth.

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What I Do

Strength Finder: Positivity • Includer • Activator • Woo • Communication

Those that work for me say I lead with passion and vision.
Those I've worked for say I'm innovative and enthusiastic.

• Winters in Austin, Dallas, and San Francisco
• Summers in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago


Created: I built CrashInAustin with no upfront capital and no team. Within 9 weeks, CrashInAustin did $20k in sales. Within 6 months, I was doing ~$20k each month.

Helping Others: Made the SaaS Business Model Canvas (

Hacked: Audited (without enrollment) over 80 credit hours (~4 years) of upper division classes at multiple top universities; took the tests, hosted study groups, crowd-sourced notes and outsourced a merge of the notes.

Won: Over 10k compete each year in 100+ cities for SWB. Placed in the top 15 during 2011 & 2012. (

Tests: Took a few tests on oDesk. Ranked 21st (of 8608) in Advertising and in the 98th percentile (out of 17693) in Internet Marketing.

What I'm Looking For

Companies that challenge the traditional ways of building startups.

Next generation marketplaces, marketing/business analytics software, arbitrage opportunities, and quick hacks make me smile.

Daniel Jurek
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