Brian Neman

Founder & CEO @Sanguine, @USC Renaissance Scholar - Biotechnology, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship

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What I Do

Looking to meet people with an interest in furthering Personalized Medicine through any medium, including: DNA Sequencing, Social Media, Health Record Digitization, Biomarker Discovery, you name it!


I founded Sanguine BioSciences in the Spring/Summer of 2010 towards the end of my master's program in Healthcare Administration at USC. I also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences, and 2 minors in Entrepreneurship and Public Health.

What I'm Looking For

Creative, intelligent, determined, and collaborative young R&D-minded scientists, business-minded scientists, healthcare-focused scientists interested to join a team of young, fun-loving, passionate, and diligent people that are ready to change Research and Discovery in Personalized Medicine.