Brian Kirsten

Founder and CTO of @FictFact. Software developer with over 17 years of experience.

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What I Do

I am an Information Technology professional with over 17 years of experience leading the design, configuration, and building of enterprise applications for large global companies in a variety of industries. I have excellent communication and problem solving skills that enable fellow team members to adhere to project time lines and budgets. Known generally as a team member who wears "many hats", I am comfortable with IT functions with a large range of complexity including, software setup for non-technical users, database design and theory, object engineering, and server/network configuration.

PHP, MySQL, LAMP, SSH, Sendmail, Bind, VNC, Java, J2EE, AJAX, CSS, XML, REST, XML-RPC, SOAP, Python, web standards, SEO and web security, Oracle, Apache, Sun Solaris, Windows Desktop/Server, Linux, Mac OSX, Python, MongoDB, C#

Bryan Healey
Director at @namemedia, founder of @joinvestor, educated at @northeastern-university, building world-class technology and changing the world. Previously at @shapeup.