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About Me

I am a serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor experienced in business strategy, corporate and business development including M&A, sales, marketing and partnerships as well as finance, legal and technology / product development.

I've spent over 20 years across the tech & media landscape in hardware, software, online media (content, digital advertising, social media) and e-commerce, starting and growing both venture capital financed and organically grown ventures. I've also raised material (circa $50MM) syndicated debt deals for growth and acquisitions.

Specialties: Start-ups & Development-Stage Companies, Business Development, Sales, Corporate Development, M&A, E-Commerce, Product Development, Internet Applications and Online Media, Film and Television (distribution and marketing), Social Media, Venture Financing (equity and debt), Business Strategy.

I've built multiple companies, both bootstrapped and venture backed. I've done over 100 angel deals, many of which have gone on to raise substantial follow-on rounds, with 5 acquisitions, 3 companies that have current valuations currently exceeding $1 billion valuation, and at least 5 over $100 million valuation. Along the way, 1 is no longer operating and 1 was acquired at a material discount... but such is the reality of early-stage investing.

Primary Investment Targets: I primarily focus in consumer internet, mobile, digital media, entertainment, consumer products, e-commerce, health care tech, finance tech and fitness.

I am a enthusiastic supporter and fan of AngelList and Syndicates. I am active with several of the top syndicates and have participated in nearly 100 raises via Syndicates.

I appreciate your willingness and desire to back my syndicate. Please note that sourcing deals is not my primary focus, but I gain access to deals through the entrepreneurs, VCs and others I regularly work with. While I don't syndicate a huge volume of deals, those that I do syndicate will generally have:

  • Strong founders/management;
  • Massive markets with attainable TAM targets;
  • Either strong initial traction and revenue growth, or a distinct plan to achieve this;

Additionally, I love to find businesses that have:

  • Defensive moat - not usually solely a '1st mover' advantage, but some other 'unfair advantage;
  • Super simple value proposition - not complex or hard for even the uninitiated to understand or recognize;
  • Great brand value or 'hook' - a function of the company's identity that sets it apart from any current and future competitors

As a serial entrepreneur and active angel investor, I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Obviously, it's clear where I prefer to spend my time (and invest my money)!

Take a look at my portfolio (on my profile at: to see for yourself the types of deals I do.

As a Syndicate backer, whether it is my syndicate or others', please remember that early stage investing is an absolute risk game. This means you should never invest more in any syndicate deal, including this one, than you are willing to lose entirely. However, I also believe that by making a large number of great investments (as opposed to trying to pick a very small number of potentially massive deals), you stand the best chance to succeed.


I will try to syndicate all deals for which I have a sizable allocation and where founders support AngelList Syndicates for their fundraising.

Brandon Calder
Co-Founder @WATCHR Media, Online Media, E-Commerce & Technology Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor
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