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We are tackling a cross-border, cross-cultural problem that will power the next generation of international ecommerce. Imagine being able to buy something online from anywhere in the world as easily as shopping from Amazon. The backbone is logistics - and we are building a platform to solve this problem. So if you love logistics and lean startups, apply now and accelerate your career.

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Job Description

This is a part-time, mostly remote job. Sometimes (~once per week) you will work with others in person so being a resident of the Dallas area is important. The rest of the time you may work remotely within the metro area.

The majority of the code is written in PHP. Knowledge of frameworks / MVC design, API integration, and GAE / Google Cloud is important. Some MySQL, NoSQL, and Javascript/Nodejs experience is preferred. The ideal candidate is an honest perfectionist who appreciates efficiency, clean code, and tabs over spaces.

Candidate will also need to interface with customers to problem solve issues and help onboard them so excellent verbal skills and communication is important.

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What We're Building

Cross-border shipping remains an archaic and complex aspect for ecommerce. Although courier and express services have made cross-border shipping somewhat simpler, it comes at a price that is not feasible for most ecommerce transactions. Alternatively, low rates from postal services are reflected in the unreliability of their cross-border shipping services. BoxC has built a cross-border shipping solution from the ground up which provides affordable shipping and value added services on a single platform.

Merchants use BoxC to offer affordable 3-10 day cross-border shipping with domestic labeling and return address, completing a localized presence to compliment online localization efforts. Additionally, BoxC allows merchants to ship directly from manufacturer to customer, streamlining the supply chain to reduce costs and accommodate even custom made products.

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BoxC Team

Ravi Kotichintala
Founded @BoxC @SocialMD @Syntric • Scalability Junkie • Worked @AlterPoint, @Commerce One, @Exterprise (Acquired by Commerce One) • Studied Physics, CS & Art
David Kanel
Co-Founder Nice • Co-Founder BOXC • 8 years international ecommerce experience.
Nicholas Ni
Co-Founder @BoxC • Worked at @Syntric. 1st Bayson Global startup in e-commerce for 12 years.
Chad Schofield
Co-Founder and CDO at BoxC
Justin Pope
CTO & Co-Founder @BoxC, Studied at @University of Texas at Austin
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BoxC Investors

Charles Yim
CSO @Upsight, Venture Partner, COO @PlayHaven, Head of Mobile Apps Partnerships @Google, BusDev @Admob, Investor @Triplepoint Ventures
Andre Needham
Comp. Sci. background/degree. Software test engineer for quite a long time now.
Robb Kunz
Founder/CEO @BoomStartup. Active Angel Invested in 100+ Startups. Mentor & LP in @500 Startups and @Techstars. Founder Ventureblue Capital. Invests in NewSpace
Anthony Saleh
I am a man from LA. That is it.
Zack Arnold
Apparel Entrepreneur, Angel Investor. Former Captain of the @Stanford University Club Soccer Team. @Stanford University 2010.
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