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An AI-powered messaging platform for businesses.

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What We're Building

Bowtie is a AI powered multi-channel messaging platform that empowers businesses to manage their customers across the entire customer lifecycle.

A majority of businesses today use antiquated communication platforms that are either too slow or not user friendly. We’re here to change that. Consumers see messaging as the most preferred avenue for interacting with a business, and businesses need a messaging strategy to stay competitive. Our Customer Activation Portal lets businesses streamline their communications over the web, SMS and Facebook to move customers through each stage of the customer journey using chat.

We’ve launched in the beauty and wellness space, and our technology makes it easy for customers to book appointments, ask questions and stay connected to salons, yoga studios, spas and more.

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Bowtie Team

Michael Wang
CTO of Bowtie. Worked at Amazon AWS, Wayfair, and LinkedIn on both enterprise and consumer-facing software. Expertise in ML and NLP. CS MEng from Cornell Tech.
Ron Fisher
Co-founder of Bowtie. First soldier in IDF's New Media Operation. Co-founder of Nielsen's Innovation Center. PM for TOPTEN, Nielsen's first consumer app.
Vivek Sudarsan
Co-founder, CPO of Bowtie. Ex-Nielsen R&D and Emerging Leaders Associate Grad. Expertise in design, iOS, ML and NLP. CS MEng from Cornell Tech.

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