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BootstrapLabs is a global "Full Stack VC" that invest capital, experience and people into data-driven software companies trying to reinvent the world we live in today.

Our past investments include companies such as Prezi, XtGem, FeelIt, Zerply, AngelList and others.

BootstrapLabs' Syndicate Backers are given an opportunity to co-invest in all our portfolio companies (assuming the founders decide to raise additional angel capital beyond our SV Seed Fund round).


BootstrapLabs' SV Seed Fund invest in the top 1% of the 1,000+ early stage tech startups referred to BootstrapLabs each year from over 40 countries.

All portfolio companies join BootstrapLabs' co-working Lab downtown San Francisco where founders have continued access to BootstrapLabs founders as well as its Lab's dedicated domain knowledge experts including UX/UI designers, growth hackers, data scientists, sales, recruiting, biz dev, fundraising, Legal, IP and accounting. 

Each investment we syndicate on AngelList has the following characteristic:

- Big vision chasing a big market opportunity

- A founding team that can iterate/build/execute on that vision

- Some milestones/traction achievements since our SV Seed Fund investment

Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs
Co-Founder @BootstrapLabs, Tech Investor, Startup Builder, Biz Dev, Funding, M&A expert, software eats the world, windsurfer, snowboarder, husband, father of 2.
Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs
Founder @BootstrapLabs. Coding @ 10 y/o. Founder, CEO, CTO. Advisor (@Prezi, @Zerply), Parallel Entrepreneur, Operator, Angel (@Prezi & @AngelList).
Luigi Congedo
Principal @BootstrapLabs, Technology passionate & global thinker.
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Bill Reichert
General Partner
Managing Director at Garage Technology Ventures // Partner at Fenox Venture Capital
Will Bunker
Founding partner GrowthX VC fund. Founded largest dating site of 90's (now Helped found/fund CriticalWatch enterprise security software.
Jeff Hoffman
Serial entprepreneur who has launched, grown, and sold numerous startups. Past ventures include and Virtual Shopping. Currently at
Taj Haslani
I founded NetPixel and currently, I'm the CEO of 3R Connect, a corporation that oversees multiple staffing & recruiting businesses. Contact:
Sundeep Ahuja
70+ Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs @Burrow @Starcity @Notable Labs; 3yrs @AWS; Co-founder @Richrelevance; Advisor @Indiegogo; BS CS Stanford.
Nathan Beckord
CEO of Started, and Consultant / Advisor in 13 funded startups with 5 exits.
Eric Lagier
Managing Partner Founder @Memolane. Worked @Skype, @Tradeshift & @oracle-corporation. Studied @Boston University & @Copenhagen Business School.
Tim Sullivan
CEO of Oceanic Partners.
Rock star from Italy :)
Nicolai is a great startup advisor, as he gives insightful, well-thought-out advice that helps set (or keep) startups on the right track. Plus he's just a fun guy to work with. Highly recommended.
Nathan Beckord
Co-advisor of company Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs advised
Founder of @BootstrapLabs
Luigi Congedo
For Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs's work at SV In.Fusion
Nicolai is an extremely intelligent, focused, committed entrepreneur and investor who knows what it takes to launch and grow a scalable startup, and is therefore perfectly positioned at BootstrapLabs to lead a global movement to bring startups in new markets to prominence and profitability.
Nicolai is a visionary investor who understands that Silicon Valley is also an acceleration nexus for emerging technology companies from outside of the US, where entrepreneurs are hungry and valuations are fair. With Bootstrap Labs, he's defining the next generation of venture investment...more
Nicolai has an unparalleled drive and enthusiasm for building startups and products. His know-how and ability to always map down complex issues and find actionable insights, is amazing. Plus, it's always fun to work with Nicolai!
Cilla Jelf
For Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs's work with Machine
Co-Founder @BootstarpLabs
Luigi Congedo
For Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs's work at SV In.Fusion
Ben consistently delivers amazing and insightful advice on product, strategy, and marketing. Love the guy.
Nathan Beckord
For Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs's work with Foundersuite
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