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$80K ($800K)
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@bootstraplabs is a global "Full Stack VC" that invest capital, experience and people into data-driven software companies trying to reinvent the world we live in today.

Our past investments include companies such as Prezi, XtGem, FeelIt, Zerply, AngelList and others.

BootstrapLabs' Syndicate Backers are given an opportunity to co-invest in all our portfolio companies (assuming the founders decide to raise additional angel capital beyond our SV Seed Fund round).


@BootstrapLabs invest in the top 1% of the 1,000+ early stage tech startups referred to BootstrapLabs each year from over 40 countries.

Additionally, we also lead or co-invest in growth stage companies (Series A and later...) where BootstrapLabs global network and expertise can add significant value.

BootstrapLabs is committed to syndicate every such Series A+ deal it participates in (either directly or via its pro-rata rights) via this Syndicate. The companies we invest in have the following attributes:

  • Big vision chasing a big market opportunity

  • The founding team has proven its ability to execute and scale their vision

  • Milestones achievements and Traction

We offer a collaborative and value-add model to attract top-tier founders. Our model allows us empower founders and offer access to top Silicon Valley advisors and experts in areas such as including UX/UI designers, Growth Hackers, Data Scientists, Sales, Recruiting, Business Development, Fundraising, Legal IP, Accounting and more.

Flight.VC Syndicate
5 $1B + announced exits Investor: Ripple, Brave, Polychain, Paypal, Filecoin, Civic, Linkedin, Cruise, Dollar Shave Club Wealthfront, Discord, Fastly
Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs
Co-Founder @BootstrapLabs, Tech Investor, Startup Builder, Biz Dev, Funding, M&A expert, software eats the world, windsurfer, snowboarder, husband, father of 2.
Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs
Founder @BootstrapLabs. Coding @ 10 y/o. Founder, CEO, CTO. Advisor (@Prezi, @Zerply), Parallel Entrepreneur, Operator, Angel (@Prezi & @AngelList).
Luigi Congedo
Principal @BootstrapLabs, Technology passionate & global thinker.
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Sajid Rahman
CEO,Telenor Health.Investor @Shyp @Human Longevity  @Hyperloop One .Board Member. Director @Fi. Follow@SajidRepublic.
Can help with
“I have strong exposure/network in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. I will be able to help the company grow internationally in those markets.”
Fred Tanada
Venture Capital
@Draper Fisher Jurvetson DragonFund@Chestnut Street Ventures @Flight Ventures • @crimson-growth-partners • @Stanford. Wall Street• Blockchain
Can help with
“Background in finance, worked at Wall Street, experience in data analysis and financial modeling.”
Arnulf Graf
Machine teacher, data learner, brain scientist, racer  Architect @Synaptics Global Venture Partner @BootstrapLabs
Paolo Privitera
Evensi and Pick1 co-founder @Start-Up Chile @500 Startups @Singularity University – Startup Lab ~ Serendipity Innovator believing in Exponential Growth
Mark Strehlow
Investor, advisor, entrepreneur, creative thinker, accomplished designer.
Andrew Crichton
Founder @Levitate Media Inc 500/5000 2014-2016
Sohin Shah
Co-founder @iFunding Creator @Valuation App Contributor for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc.
Co-Founder @BootstarpLabs
Luigi Congedo
For Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs's work at SV In.Fusion
Ben consistently delivers amazing and insightful advice on product, strategy, and marketing. Love the guy.
Nathan Beckord
For Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs's work with Foundersuite
When the chips were down I only thought I had two options, close the company or sell it. Gil encouraged me to choose a third option "aim for the moon". We did and the result is a profitable growing company on the way to success
Karl Jacob
Founder of a company Flight.VC Syndicate invested in
Gil taught me the meaning of RELENTLESS URGENCY. And that's something use every single day. Thank you Gil!!
Adam Rifkin
Founder of a company Flight.VC Syndicate advised
Gil -> Helpful. Open. Smart. Direct. Transparent. Engaging. No BS. Responsive...just great.
Maneesh Arora
Founder of a company Flight.VC Syndicate invested in
Gil is the single most entrepreneur friendly investor I have ever met.
Jesse Robbins
Co-investor in a company Flight.VC Syndicate invested in
What more can one say about the $25 billion man that already hasn't been said? His syndicate is the largest on AngelList, he's one of the most prominent and successful angel investors in the world - and he's just getting started now that he's plowing into the most promising 20...more
Amazing guy. Amazing investor. Super-connected and helpful. No bullshit.
Gil is one of the smartest and most connected guys in Silicon Valley. He truly cares about the entrepreneurs that he backs. He gets involved and provides real help to the companies, beyond the money. 
Gil is one of the most honest, trustworthy and truthful person I have ever met in my life. He is by far one in a billion in my book and on super smart angels who envision where the industry is heading and he has been right nearly every time though with risk included to recommend participation in...more
Co-investing and working with Gil on UXPin was amazing. Speed, great advise, an amazing network. He encourages, inspires, connects or shouts whatever is most needed. Gil is an awesome investor and advisor.
Gil is super helpful and friendly
Gil Penchina is regarded as one of the top Angels on AngelList for his many syndicates and his success on the platform
Nicolai is a great startup advisor, as he gives insightful, well-thought-out advice that helps set (or keep) startups on the right track. Plus he's just a fun guy to work with. Highly recommended.
Nathan Beckord
Co-advisor of company Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs advised
Founder of @BootstrapLabs
Luigi Congedo
For Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs's work at SV In.Fusion
Nicolai is an extremely intelligent, focused, committed entrepreneur and investor who knows what it takes to launch and grow a scalable startup, and is therefore perfectly positioned at BootstrapLabs to lead a global movement to bring startups in new markets to prominence and profitability.
Nicolai is a visionary investor who understands that Silicon Valley is also an acceleration nexus for emerging technology companies from outside of the US, where entrepreneurs are hungry and valuations are fair. With Bootstrap Labs, he's defining the next generation of venture investment...more
Nicolai has an unparalleled drive and enthusiasm for building startups and products. His know-how and ability to always map down complex issues and find actionable insights, is amazing. Plus, it's always fun to work with Nicolai!
Cilla Jelf
For Nicolai Wadstrom @ BootstrapLabs's work with Machine
Rock star from Italy :)
Ben Levy @ BootstrapLabs
For Luigi Congedo's work at BootstrapLabs Seed Fund
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