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Individually relevant messaging at any scale

We're not on this earth to sling code line after line. We're here to create value in people's lives and it just so happens that we thrive at developing amazing platforms. Read More
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What We're Building

Boomtrain is a personalized notification platform that leverages machine learning and predictive algorithms to drive increased clicks, engagement and revenue through customer communications. Our technology surfaces the content that’s most likely to engage any individual and delivers it via email, push notifications, or the web. All automated, all in real-time.

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boomtrain Team

Christian Monberg
Founder @boomtrain, @HAX • VP of Digital @Hornall Anderson Alumni @AngelPad
Nick Edwards
Founder @boomtrain • Founder @Internationalist • consultant @Microsoft • Worked at @Ooyala • Harvard
Barney Govan
Engineering leader with extensive experience building large advertising systems, consumer/social products, and building successful teams from scratch.
Neej Gore
Co-founder @Circl (Angelpad). Founder CampusCraze (acq. 2001), Mailboto (acq. 2013). SVP @boomtrain (acq. 2017 by Zeta). EIR @500 Startups. @Cornell Engineering.
Austin Liu
Software Engineer specializing in JavaScript web application development, functional programming, and UI/UX design.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

What makes boomtrain a unique place to work at?
The people. Sure, our product is quite unique and advanced...but the people who actually make the product are even moreso. The typical Boomtrain family member is a smart, humble, kind person who thinks outside of the box and thrives on cutting edge technology. We work hard together, we play hard together!
What is your office environment like?
Fun and innovative! The collective intelligence that is shared on teams and across departments is quite inspiring. You are both pushed and educated at a rapid pace. It's also like a home environment where everyone can completely be themselves and be appreciated for it.
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We're looking to potentially double in size. But, the priority is adding the right team members who will help us scale optimally.

boomtrain Investors

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