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Global operating system for freelance labor (YC W16)

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Bonsai helps freelancers and clients transact easily, safely, and quickly anywhere in the world.

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Matt Brown
Co-Founder @Bonsai (YC W16), co-founder @Work4Labs, economics @Berkeley & @Oxford
Matt Nish
Co-Founder @Bonsai (YC W16). Entrepreneur & freelance designer / developer (F500's to YC cos)
Ryan Loomba
freelance software engineer, formerly @Sharethrough @Balanced, @Nanomix, @University of Southern California engineering, Full-stack Software Engineer
Cayo Medeiros
Rails/ front-end developer with 9+ years of experience in web development.
Redon Gjika
Associate @Boston Consulting Group , Former PM @Work4

Our Investors

Terrence Rohan
Manages @Index Ventures seed fund
Liz Wessel
Co-founder & CEO of WayUp (we're hiring!)
Eric Kwan
Founding Partner at Locus Ventures • Active Angel Investor • Founding Engineer at @Operator • ex- @Facebook , @Yahoo , @Oracle • Alumni of Stanford, CMU
Jude Gomila
CEO and Founder @ Golden. Founded @Heyzap/Aq $45m $->80+ co: Gusto, ClearTax, Boom, Bugsnag, Benchling, Zesty, Ginkgo, Airtable, eShares, captain401
Erik Torenberg
Currently: Investing, On Deck ( Rise (, previously Founding Team @Product Hunt,
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