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Bond makes technology for thoughtful companies.

Bond is a funded startup based in NYC building 'thoughtful human technology'. Our core product lets you send beautiful, personalized handwritten notes from any browser. Read More
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What We're Building

At Bond, we're helping organizations deliver the personal touch at scale. 

We've built a robotics system that can learn your handwriting and actually handwrite notes from your team, on demand, on your own customized stationery.  

Think of it as a next generation CRM tool- a new way to connect with customers via web, API, or CRM integration that combines the ease of digital automation with the sophistication of a beautifully crafted, handwritten experience. 

Our early users include large global brands and early technology adopters, who use it for everything from customer service apologies to welcoming new customers.  

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Bond Team

Justin Barry
Account manager at Bond, Inc. and recent UPenn and Cambridge grad., who has a knack for research and data orgaization. Detail-oriented go-getter.
Gary Kenney
Current endeavors focusing on client relations and community support, by finding ways to move clients from general consumers to  brand ambassadors. 
Jonathan Basker
A decade of experience in recruiting and people operations.
Todd Chandler
COO at @Bond, was VP/GM @Time² Inc • Studied at @University of Connecticut
Sam Broe
Chief Product Officer @Bond
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Bond Investors

Semil Shah
Founder, General Partner @Haystack
Josh Williams
Brand + Product Designer Co-founder of @Gowalla / @Blinksale / @Last Subscribe to The Design Bulletin
Geoffrey Bernstein
Co-founder & Managing Partner @Indicator Ventures
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