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Bond makes technology for thoughtful companies.


At Bond, we're helping organizations deliver the personal touch at scale. 

We've built a robotics system that can learn your handwriting and actually handwrite notes from your team, on demand, on your own customized stationery.  

Think of it as a next generation CRM tool- a new way to connect with customers via web, API, or CRM integration that combines the ease of digital automation with the sophistication of a beautifully crafted, handwritten experience. 

Our early users include large global brands and early technology adopters, who use it for everything from customer service apologies to welcoming new customers.  

Why Us?

We're a small, funded team of engineers working on a technically challenging project related to robotics and human technology. We believe in what we're working on, have a team with a diverse skill set, and love what we do.

New York City
11-50 employees
CRM, Robotics, Professional Services, Hardware + Software

Bond Jobs

$70K – $90K Salary
0.1% – 0.5% Equity
Full Time · New York City


Sam Joe Broe
Sam Joe Broe
Head of Product @Bond
Lonny Kapelushnik
Lonny Kapelushnik
Founder @L L Ideas • Worked at @Babble Media, @Best Buy


Arul Velan
Arul Velan
Angel investor. Startup veteran at @Facebook, @LivingSocial, and many more. @NU engineer, @Stanford GSB MBA.
YourMechanic, Apartment List, eShares, Moovweb, Weddington Way, BOXC, Bond, Thistle, Fingi, Change Heroes
Indicator Ventures
Early-stage venture fund focused on digital innovation.
Brainscape, CapLinked, Nimble, Circa, Boxes, Lob, Shibumi, Edyn, Bond, Inkshares, Mezzobit, Five
Tim Flannery
Tim Flannery
Co-founder of micro VC fund focused on tech/medical devices. Spend most of my time on connected devices.
Bond, Lassy Project

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