Bogdan Andrei

Founder of "Broadcast Analyst" - a real time measurement platform for television shows.

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What I Do

Inventor of several mechanical systems (including renewable energy), turned to mobile app creation, seeking partnership for "Broadcast Analyst" the real time measurement platform for television shows.


2013 - I've figured out the best tool to give people the power to express their opinions on what they watch on TV - so "Broadcast Analyst" is born.
2011 - I've invented and built the working prototype, of the first and only real "Foldable Roof Rack" - a system designed to help people for loading/unloading their luggage and tools on top of the car. Now with the third prototype I'm discuss with different manufacturers for a series 0 which to be tested in real conditions and prepared for market.
2010 - I've invented and prototyped the most efficient hydro-electric turbine, which harness the kinetic energy of slow motion waters and converts into electrical power. Currently the prototype is analyzed by several companies in Romania for direct implementation.