Bob Stewart

Physical Security Group CTO @EMC Military, Intel, DHS, Cyber, Information Market Solutions. Past CTO @Motorola & @Cmgi. NIMS/FFII/HAZMAT/NREMT FEMA/State Certs.

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Serial Entrepreneur


Topped the technology ladder at Motorola and was appointed CTO of the $1B Internet & Networking Group which included Cable Data Products and Multiservice Networks Division. Built Media Metrix Top-25 Portal for CMGI. Developed bioinformatic system to create cures faster at CyberMedica. Reengineered Orwellian background investigative system VerifiedPerson for John Sculley of RHO. Founded NSA vetted VitalLock edge to cloud encryption system. Have led initiatives for EMC & Immersive Media Tactical Solutions for ARMY, IARPA and the NRO. Led ESRIA in delivery of the reengineering of the www home page for for Adobe Lighthouse. Founded Maine's first BBS/ISP in '93. Developed color separation technologies for Kodak in the late 80's. Hacked the town of Kennebunk's PDP-8 in '81. Other cool shit I cant post here...

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