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Vivek and Kapil have been working together for over 10 years. We're first and foremost entrepreneurs. Vivek co-founded Sosh (acquired by Postmates); Kapil co-founded GiftRocket (YC W11), still active today. We are currently in operating roles at growth stage companies (Vivek @ Postmates, Kapil @ AngelList). Our dealflow comes from our professional reputation as skilled operators who operate with integrity, built over 15+ collective years in the technology industry. Our ability to syndicate deals is predicated on our syndicate base being helpful; if you apply to back us, we request you provide some information about how you've helped previous investments or portfolio companies.
We syndicate all deals where we have founder approval.
Kapil Kale
I help build this site
Vivek Patel
Current: @postmates Prior: Co-founder @sosh • Worked at @the-climate, @slide, @google • Investor @toro-1
Amit Matani
CEO, @angellist Talent; Founder: @lookmark, @miraphonic (sold to @ngmoco); Former: @hot-or-not, @ngmoco, @instapaper; Berkeley EECS '08
Sunil Pai
@angellist; previously early stage investing @dfj
I loved working with Kapil. He is an incredibly talented, super sharp developer. He is a multi-talented leader and someone I would want on my team. Hope to work with him again sometime soon.
Kapil is one of the smartest and most driven people I've had the pleasure of working with. He is a hustler in all the good ways, who is not afraid to do the dirty work and will make sure whatever needs to be done gets done. Kapil is a natural born entrepreneur and I would have great...more
Kapil is a true hacker among hackers
B+ engineer and B+ brother
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