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Blueprint Power

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer at Blueprint Power

New York City · Full Time

Blueprint Power is an NYC-based tech company whose mission is to accelerate the growth and financial sustainability of distributed, intelligent, clean energy by helping regional groups of real estate companies transform their portfolios into power plants. More specifically, we manage these power plants to generate excess supply that we can then sell to markets and customers who increasingly need more and higher quality supply of electricity. Blueprint is founded by experienced tech innovators & entrepreneurs from firms like Google, Boeing, and Vestas, and are backed by prominent corporate leaders and venture investors from the worlds of real estate, energy and tech. Today, Blueprint is well on its way to building our suite of data-driven, machine-learning tools. We have signed up prominent, top-tier customers, and are currently growing our top-notch team here in the heart of NYC.

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Job Description

As a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, you’ll be joining our 2-person development team. We strongly believe in collaboration, and we want our team members to expand their knowledge, share what they’ve learned, live up to their potential, and find success together.

We are looking for developers to help us build a fast, reliable, secure, and resilient platform. Are you ready to get started? Apply Today!

We need someone who:

- Develops production multi-endpoint integration applications, both front-end and back-end
- Spent the last 5+ years developing high quality software (with source control and automated tests)
- Speaks HTML, CSS, modern JavaScript, HTTP, Python, and SQL with ease
- Knows our primary technologies: Python, PostgreSQL, and Linux

Bonus points if you can also:

- Impress us with your AWS, Docker, Python, and/or PostgreSQL abilities
- Explain why your favourite git workflow is better than the alternatives
- Point out your open-source contributions or projects

What you’ll do:

- Learn about our business to help bring value to our customers and our internal users
- Collaborate with the whole team to build high quality, maintainable software
- Design, implement, and test new features
- Ask questions before you get stuck
- Contribute to every layer of our application, from the browser to the database
- Increase your skills by learning new technologies
- Use your experience to help the whole team get better

What you’ll get:

- A competitive salary based on experience
- A friendly, casual, and supportive work environment
- Benefits package, including medical/dental/vision insurance, and more
- Flexible work schedule with the ability to telecommute some of the time
- An opportunity to help shape our team as we build

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