We Hire Folks Who Work Like Founders

Our mission is to bring world-changing teams together.

At AngelList Talent, we look for team members from every background, discipline, and geography. Diversity in skills and experience are among the tools that make us strongest. But as our group grows, we’ve kept one quality consistent across hires.

They all work like founders.

“Founder” can mean a lot of things, but at AngelList Talent, it’s the mentality that keeps our quality high and our teams tight. It’s the engineer who’s leading our next launch and also our off-site, the account manager closing a deal before closing a ticket, the designer drafting a user flow and also a job description.

We aim high, ship quick, and trust our team to do what’s right. If you’re a self-starter, we’d love to talk to you.

We believe in 5 employer principles

We keep them present in all we do.

1. Serve

We know our most successful products began by solving customer problems. Request feedback frequently, validate ideas quickly, test prototypes early, and keep solutions moving.

2. Respect

We treat our users like the real people they are, opening honest and meaningful lines of communication. Treat team members just the same. Be real, be honest, and do the right thing.

3. Trust

We hire problem-solvers and give them space to make decisions. Your critical thinking and creativity boost our bottom line; we offer trust and resources in return to carry out your vision.

4. Lead

We believe employees should have ownership and autonomy over their work. Both result in happier, more productive team members. We’ll provide the space if you supply the ambition.

5. Deliver

We promote flexibility in where you work, how you work, and when you work. What's important is that your team feels supported and your work is driving the business forward.

Our values guide the way we work

They keep us moving quickly and efficiently.

1. Empower the person closest to a problem

The person doing the work is also the one who must defend it. Our teams support each other and work collaboratively. If opinions conflict, we empower the task owner to make the call.

2. Do what you think is right

You’ll have freedom to make impactful decisions at AngelList Talent. We keep teams small whenever we can to help you maintain ownership over your projects.

3. Take responsibility

That means owning your results. For every project you lead, you’ll monitor and report on its metrics, good or bad. Own your decisions.

4. Automate where you can

We scale by the quality of our code, not the size of our team. Automating workflows cuts down on process and boosts productivity. Spend your time on projects that truly have an impact.

5. Sweat the details

What might seem like an edge-case could still be seen by thousands. Be careful, be precise, and if you break something—as we all have—be the one who fixes it.

6. Ship fast, but ship to learn

Research every project. Scope first to test your riskiest assumptions. Build a smart MVP. Ship as quickly as you can—we won’t know how customers react until you do.

What this means for you

When you come on board, you’ll join a team that’s not just pulling tickets. You’ll own core parts of our products and infrastructure early on, and you’ll influence how they evolve. One example highlights this best:

You’ll get big challenges & the space to solve them

Today, A-List is our premium tool helping top talent fast-track their AngelList profiles to hundreds of leading startups. It’s awesome. It also started as a challenge from our founder: “Make money.”

So one engineer and one designer sat down to figure it out. We analyzed user data, compiled market research, collected client feedback, and felt our way through five or six ideas. Eventually, one stuck out: A-List.

It had the potential to solve more customer problems than any other, so we pushed ahead. One designer sketched the idea to life. Two engineers built it. And our first ops hire kept the needs of clients in our ears. We met daily, worked efficiently, and launched quickly. Our time from start to ship: Two months.

We could see pretty quickly what worked and what needed work. We folded in customer feedback and made product decisions together. In a month we made $10,000. After nine, we’d pulled in $1 million. And we promise: You’ll have these opportunities, too.

Our team members tackle big problems every day.

They’re self-directed and self-motivated. That means they’ve earned our trust for flexible work. If you focus better at night, work at night. If you want to work from the mountains, go do that. What we care about is delivering value. So, if you can guide a team from idea to execution, let’s do that together.

Interested in learning more? See our open positions here.