Announcing The New A-List For Sales

When we first launched A-List, our focus was simple: Help startups hire the best engineers and designers out there. Thousands of hires later, we've heard one consistent request from startups: “Help us hire salespeople, too.”

We dug deeper and found:

  • 80% of startups don't get enough qualified sales applicants.
  • 81% say sourcing candidates is the hardest step in filling sales roles.
  • 57% of startups report losing top candidates to other companies as the biggest source of candidate drop-off.

Today we're launching a beta of A-List for Sales, a tool to help startups get early introductions to top sales talent before they hit the market.

How? We handpick experienced sales candidates and work with them closely before they become active job seekers. Then, once they're ready to make a move, we help A-List startups see them first. Here's our goal:

  • Top Candidates: Sourced from more than three million profiles, the top 1% of candidates are identified by algorithms and curated by humans.
  • Quick Hires: Candidates respond within 72 hours on A-List. That means you have an opportunity to set up an interview in days and hire within two weeks.
  • Safe Investments: There’s no upfront cost to browse and chat with candidates. Only pay when you hire, with the safety of a three-month money-back guarantee.

We know sales can be a critical team when planning a go-to-market strategy. And we felt the pain of competing for talent when we were hiring our own. With A-List for Sales, we'll help you find startup-minded builders who can navigate the market, hone your pitch, and collect key feedback to close the deal.


We've already helped companies hire hundreds of top design and engineering candidates with A-List. We can't wait to connect you to your next sales hire.

What makes a good sales candidate in your startup? We'd love to meet you, hear your thoughts, and learn how we can help. Email to attend an invite-only Sales Leaders mixer.