AngelList Acquires Prospectify To Help Startups And Job-Seekers Connect Faster

The team behind Prospectify will power new data products at AngelList Talent

AngelList Talent, the world’s largest network of startup talent, announced today it has acquired Prospectify, a data intelligence company that helps sales teams correctly identify and connect with qualified leads and close deals.

Prospectify’s leadership team will join AngelList Talent to power its data strategy, reimagining features that were core to Prospectify’s success—helping sales teams update their CRM data in real-time and tracking job and role changes along the way. The result will be new products built around a talent marketplace, connecting candidates to their perfect opportunities.

"With AngelList Talent, we eliminate the friction you feel when looking for a job or hiring your next team member,” said AngelList Talent CEO Amit Matani. “We believe the future of online recruiting will be about more than the sheer number of opportunities available to you. It’ll focus on discovering the opportunities that are right for you. Fewer, but better conversations. The team at Prospectify has been working on this idea for years. They’ll help jumpstart our data strategy.”

Since it was founded in 2016, Prospectify has built technology—able to identify when a potential customer has a specific need—that can connect companies to people who need their products, while preventing generic sales spam along the way. Its team has boosted sales as much as 300% for groups inside Hubspot, Facebook, and Accenture. After it started working with AngelList Talent in 2018, the teams saw the potential for a stronger partnership.

“Startups need sales, perhaps more than anything,” said Prospectify Founder and CEO Noah Spirakus. “But sales is just one type of challenge that can be met with well-shaped, well-stewarded data. When you hire someone, you’re selling an experience. Joining AngelList Talent opens the door to lots of new ways we can deliver value to companies, investors, and talent around the world.”

AngelList Talent has made over 4 million introductions between startups and job-seekers, helping companies in more than 60 countries expand their teams. More than 8 million people and 500,000 startups have used the platform, and with its acquisition of Prospectify, AngelList Talent will continue to reinvent how startups find the best talent.

The transaction has closed. Financial terms of the deal were not provided. Prospectify customers were notified and allowed to migrate to new services.

“Noah and the team have created breakthrough-grade technology that could only be achieved with their combined experience. Prospectify is amazingly good at what it does,” said Amos Schwartzfarb, managing director at Techstars Austin and current board observer. “I’m genuinely excited to see them become part of a fantastic organization. At AngelList they will be able to deliver their product to a mass audience. Techstars Austin is grateful to have played a part along the way.”

If you're a startup looking to hire, or a job-seeker considering your next move, you can sign up for a free AngelList account to start searching today.

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