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Dave Paola
Hacker and Entrepreneur
Roshan Choxi
Cofounder and CEO at @Bloc

At Bloc, our mission is to bring a premium, on-demand education to anyone who wants to invest in improving their skill set. We provide intensive online learning programs for accelerated skill development for career-minded professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs. Bloc relies on a time-tested model of an apprenticeship where students around the world acquire practical, job-ready skills by demonstrating them with continuous coaching from an experienced professional.

Why Us?

At Bloc, you'll have an opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of our students. Here's what one of our students has to say about our company:

"Bloc completely changed my life. I went from product manager to programmer. I used to be tortured by all the ideas I had for web apps that I could never actually build unless I paid someone else to do it. Now I’m able to prototype and build anything that pops into my head. Once others learned that I was a Ruby programmer, freelance jobs started coming out of the woodwork. I quit my job and started my own application development company, freeing myself up to make more money and allowing for extra time to pursue my own startup ideas on the side."

We're creating a team that's passionate about the concept of accelerated learning. If you're one of those people who saw the Matrix and became obsessed with the scene where Neo downloads kung fu, you might be a good fit to help us take a bite out of the trillion dollar education market.

San Francisco
11-50 employees
$2M Seed in 2012
Consumer Internet, Education

Bloc Jobs

Marketing Engineer
$80K – $100K Salary
0.5% – 1.0% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco
mobile developer
iOS Director
$90K – $115K Salary
1.0% – 2.0% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco
Account Executive
$50K – $100K Salary
0.1% – 0.25% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco

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