Blake Commagere

Pioneered Social Gaming industry (Vampires/Zombies). Created 1st version of @Causes. Founder @BuildForge (Sold to IBM), Founder @Ohai.

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Harry DeMott was reviewed by Blake Commagere
Harry has been instrumental in our success as a company. From the very first meeting, Harry and the team at Raptor has always been supportive of our efforts and consistently provided us with great feedback. If you get the chance to work with Harry, don't hesitate - he's awesome!
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Connecting Startups with Agencies & Brands
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Single user identity across devices
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Non-linear thinker,Venture / Angel investor, Partner at @CMEA Capital
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Gokul Rajaram was reviewed by Blake Commagere
Gokul is like King Midas of technology. Everything he does is wildly successful, so if you get the chance to work with this man in any capacity, leap at the opportunity. Incredibly sharp guy, great personality and we're extremely lucky to be working with him.
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Rick Marini was reviewed by Blake Commagere
Rick is legendary! If you get a chance to work with him, don't hesitate for a moment. He's smart as hell and is a huge value-add to any company!
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Anthony Saleh was reviewed by Blake Commagere
Anthony is awesome! He asked all the right questions, responded immediately to all of our communication and made a quick decision. We're thrilled to be working with him - if you get the chance to do so as well, don't hesitate!
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Klaus is great - asked great questions, decided quickly whether to invest and was extremely professional throughout the process.
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Karl Jacob was reviewed by Blake Commagere
Karl is fantastic - if you ever get the chance to work with him, I highly recommend doing so. He's sharp, decisive and an all-around great guy!
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Ted Rogers was reviewed by Blake Commagere
Ted is fantastic - I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance!
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5 months ago
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Search for people - Google meets LinkedIn
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Working with Arjun is awesome - when we first met, he asked great questions, made a quick decision and has been incredibly easy to work with!
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Had a very positive experience with him - quick decision, great questions, very responsive and very professional.
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Kevin Moore was reviewed by Blake Commagere
Kevin is fantastic - asked extremely insightful questions, offered help on many fronts for our business and made a quick decision. Thrilled to be working with him and would strongly encourage anyone that has the opportunity to do so!
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Bridging online & offline apparel, accessory shopping via social discovery technology.
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Advisor and Angel investor. Five time Senior Executive - CEO/President/COO.
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Started my professional journey at Bell Labs and progressed into consulting for the top 100 clients around the globe.
Arjun Sethi commented on MediaSpike
Native Monetization as a Service

Because they are awesome.

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Uber for Tech Support