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Creating Shadow, the PC of the future

We are building the PC of the future. Our product is Shadow (, the first high end gamer PC on the cloud. Right now, in France, tomorrow, the world. Right now, for gamers, tomorrow for companies and the mass market. Read More
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What We're Building

We build Shadow, a high end PC in the cloud.
You can check it out on

It is made of 2 parts :
- one in your house or office, on which you plug screen, keyboard and mouse and that you will use as a regular PC
- one in our datacenter, where the actual computing takes place. This is where the CPU, GPU, RAM and hard drive are.

We sell our PC on a subscription basis to B2C and B2B.
Our main B2C targets are gamers. Our main B2B targets are creative workers, from architects to engineers, photo/video specialists, designers,...

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Ness Benamran
Currently at Blade, managing B2B and web. I previously was in finance (ABN AMRO & RBS), Strategy consulting (McKinsey), founded a company (@Kikast)
Maxime Mouret
CEO and Co-Founder @ Tings

Our Investors

Nopporn Suppipat
Investor and Strategic adviser at Blade. Serial entrepreneur based in France since 2014, previously founded Southeast Asia’s largest renewable energy company.

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