Jobs at Blackbird

Discover the freedom of flight

Blackbird is a flight-sharing marketplace that uses technology to create a seamless experience that feels like a combination of Airbnb and Lyft, getting travelers to their destination through the magic of private flight. Rather than restricting air travel to the crowded, commercial airports, Blackbird offers customers an option for quick, affordable air travel to popular destinations near any airport - whether the big commercial ones, or the regional ones.

What We're Building

Discover the freedom of flight. Whether you get matched with a pilot headed your way, reserve a seat on a scheduled flight, or charter an entire plane, Blackbird covers every budget, schedule, and route.

Tap into our network of personal flights (America's largest!) to skip the stress of commercial airlines. By flying between thousands of local airports, you'll arrive rejuvenated - and closer to your final destination.

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Jobs at Blackbird

Blackbird Team

Jamie Loberman
Co-founder + Tech @Blackbird. Board Member @FoodRunnersSF.
Rudd Davis
4x entrepreneur & experienced corp executive. I don't know what to do with my hands if I'm not building something.
Carol Fan
Experienced analytics and data science management professional with proven success leading highly visible projects resulting over $100M in cost avoidance.
Ling Chen
Software engineer experienced in developing web, native apps, backend infrastructure and integrations
Chris Bradley
Senior software engineer specializing in full-stack Javascript, React Native, data visualization, and animation.
James Grider
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