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Software Intern at Bitome

Boston · Internship
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Job Description

Note: This position will be located initially in Boston but will shift to Shenzhen, China in September. We're interested in Mandarin speakers willing to stay through December but are happy to consider CVs for just the summer.

As a software intern, you will assist with building our software platform. Responsibility will range from backend database management to implementing machine learning routines. We'll provide guidance and mentorship, but will need you to come ready to learn.

A successful candidate will have some or all of the following attributes:

- Excellent coding and documenting skills (this is essential).
- Experienced with one or more of the following languages: Swift, Java, C++, Python, Ruby
- Experienced with very large data sets.
- Experienced with distributed and cloud computing.
- Comfortable working with Linux.
- Comfortable with MATLAB, R, or Mathematica.

We love to see past work examples. So please include a link.

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What We're Building

Bitome makes a non-invasive monitor for body hydration based on clinical MRI, in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare expenditures.

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Bitome Team

Jens Höfflin
Engineer and Physicist • Working @University of Freiburg. • Studied at @University of Freiburg
Trevor Kemp
Engineer, maker, problem solver. Worked at bitome, University of Virginia, 59in59.

Bitome Investors

Cyril Ebersweiler
Visionary Punk, Founder of @HAX ; General Partner @SOSV. Some understanding of the hardware startup space (250+ investments). Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts.
Sean O'Sullivan
founder of @MapInfo, @SOSVvc, @Carma; co-inventor of street mapping on PCs. co-coined term "cloud computing" in 1996. seed & venture capital investor.
Duncan Turner
General Partner @SOSV MD @HAX Accelerator. Experienced hardware start-up founder and investor, ex-designer @IDEO.