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Supercomputing for the masses

Backed by top tier venture capitalists, we are solving some of the most interesting computer science and engineering problems. Offices in Austin and Bay Area.

What We're Building

Bifusion brings supercomputing performance to applications without source code changes.

Open Positions


Mazhar Memon
Founder • Worked at @Intel, @Sandia National Laboratories • Studied at @Carnegie Mellon University
Maciej Bajkowski
Founder, • Director at EnterFund • Worked at Intel, Samsung, Dell, Freescale • Studied at Georgia Tech
Tim Gasper
Product Management & Marketing at Founder at @Ponos. Big data, analytics, cloud, IoT, lean startup.
Sagar Chandarana
Founded while in school, and participated in @Tech Stars Cloud 15. Database enthusiast, javascript lover. Interested in tech, music, and comedy.

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