Data Scientist at Awair

San Francisco · Full Time
At Awair, we’re passionate about bringing comfort and health to our indoor environment. We take over 20,000 breaths a day and spend most of our times indoors so the environments we're exposed to everyday at home and office have huge impact on our health and wellbeing. Read More

Job Description

We are looking for someone who is creative and have solved complex problems with sensor data systems. You love finding patterns and developing algorithms, applying concepts in machine learning (e.g. data and text mining). You also have experience in natural language processing, and sentiment analysis. And you love telling stories!

You will

- Be our premier data science expert. You are excited for both the challenges and responsibilities that you will take on.
- Design algorithms to extract the signal from noise, convert the signal into useful insight for the user
- Have opportunities to file patents for inventions on behalf of the company
- Need to have a thorough knowledge of non-linear and non-stationary time series analysis and frequency analysis
- Have a thorough understanding of supervised and unsupervised machine learning
- Have superior coding skills in SQL, Bash , Perl, Python or other data analysis languages
- Build big data modeling using such as Hadoop, Hive, Impala, Pig, Scala, - Scalding, Scoobi, Spark, Shark and analyze data: SQL, Unix skills, Perl, python pandas, or other languages

What We're Building


At Awair, our mission is to empower you with the knowledge, motivation, and confidence to be healthy and thrive in your surroundings. Awair's products and experiences are designed to track and improve your indoor air quality, helping to create optimal environments for your home, office and other spaces. The goal is to fundamentally change how we design, build, and manage our living spaces.


Our first product, Awair, tracks chemicals and toxins in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you keep it clean and safe. Whether you suffer from allergies, asthma, eczema, bad sleep or you just want to keep your air clean and safe, Awair equips you with what you need to take control of your environment.

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Other Positions


Andrew Pullin
Mechanical, firmware, and robotics. Berkeley/Caltech. Broad knowledge from machine design to embedded programming, research and analysis, mentoring, invention.
Nic Barnes
VP, Brand & Marketing @Awair. Previously @Mark One @Levi Strauss & @Procter & Gamble
Shivina Kumar
Berkeley educated marketer with startup experience in product management, digital marketing,customer acquisition and growth, research / analytics, SaaS, brands
Simon D. Kim
Computer Science @Stanford University
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Our Investors

Nobutake Suzuki
Venture Capitalist and Partner at Global Brain Corp.
Jenny Fielding
Investor and founder
Zak Murase
Silicon Valley Office Representative for Global Brain, a Japan based VC.
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