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Blockchain Developer at BitClave

San Jose, Beaverton, Remote, Remote · Full Time
BitClave’s aims to disrupt online search advertising industry, by delivering innovative solutions that benefit search users and advertisers alike. We believe that users should have full control over their search data and be able to determine who they share it with and for which purpose. Moreover, the users should be fairly compensated for sharing their personal data with advertisers. Advertisers or service providers, on the other end, could significantly improve return on their marketing budget investment and increase their view-to-pay conversion rates by an order of magnitude. Read More
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Job Description

Job description:
• Working with senior leadership, design and deliver the new open source ecosystem
• Writing high quality, testable and performance code
• Build and lead a team of developers as product matures

• Deep understanding of Ethereum, Hyperledger and other Blockchain technologies
• Knowledge of decentralized technologies
• Strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, cryptography and data security
• Experience developing Ethereum contracts with Solidity
• Experience in developing backend, knowledge of REST APIs, Node.js, Go, NoSQL, C++, C#, Python;
• Understanding of various distributed consensus methodologies (Mining, PoS, etc).
• Experience with open source and desire to contribute to this community
• Understanding of startup culture, desire to excel and motivation to be an industry disruptor

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What We're Building

BitClave shares the vision that smart contracts will change the way communities use the Internet by eliminating the need for middlemen. The main goal is to build a new standard in relationships between businesses and customers based on smart contracts

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