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INTRO We're looking for people who are excited about financial services and technology, and how these together can  make a difference in people's everyday lives. Read More

What We're Building

Bitaccess is a technology company building the future of financial services.

We have products in three verticals of Blockchain Technology:
- Payment processing:
-- We are Canada's #1 destination for instant digital currency purchases
-- We have a global network of Bitcoin ATM's which are powered by our software and hardware
- Blockchain Auditing:
-- We work with governments and private companies to leverage Blockchain technology for a new set of use-cases
- Asset Management:
-- faast is the fastest way to build a crypto currency portfolio

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Jobs at Bitaccess

Bitaccess Team

Moe Adham
Founder @Bitaccess • We're Hiring.
William Wheeler
CEO/Founder expresscoin Leading a team of very talented people to ease the pain of buying and selling bitcoin for the retail market.
Dylan Seago
Software engineer and full stack web developer, hackathon award winner, worked at @Google and
Matus Dubrava
Bachelor of Applied Informatics, AI research, Web development, from freelancing for various people, art gallery, to startups and agencies.
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Bitaccess Investors

Ryan Petersen
Founder and CEO of, Former Founder and President
David Lee
Managing Partner, Refactor Capital
Brad Stephens
Brad Stephens is a Founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital LLC
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