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The first holistic home care platform

Birdie is the first holistic care platform that provides tailored, preventative care and helps elderly people to age confidently in their own homes. Through technology, Birdie empowers everyone involved in the 'circle of care' and gives them reassurance, updates and support, 24/7. We combine new service delivery models with digital products and advanced IoT technology to improve the care provided, support the care community and prevent health deterioration. With Birdie, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. Read More

What We're Building

Founded in 2017, Birdie is the first holistic care platform that provides tailored, preventative care and helps elderly people to age confidently in their own homes.

Birdie is made up of 16 dedicated and diverse individuals who are committed to building a society in which all can age with confidence. Birdie's mission is to reinvent care so that our loved one's can all age safely in their own homes, surrounded by family, supported by communities, and with the independence to live healthier, happier lives.

Birdie’s solution merges both professional care and the latest technology to support carers and families. By reducing the time spent on administration and coordination, Birdie enables carers to spend more time caring. Birdie keeps families up to date about their loved one’s well being, even when they can’t physically be there. Not only does Birdie provide a service which can prevent and treat health issues but one that also eases care for both families and carers.

Birdie is place to learn, grow and be challenged every single day. I've never come across a more passionate and dedicated team on a journey to solve one of the biggest societal issue of our time : How we age safely, healthily and confidently in our homes.
At Birdie, we have the ambition to radically improve the lives of a million older adults within the next 5 years. I'm excited by being able to build towards that from the ground-up, with an amazing team, and the opportunity to take ownership over how we get there - learning huge amounts at every stage.
I think that Birdie is awesome because it combines an opportunity to do good to society, a close-knit family of bright people who truly care, and a super exciting product that goes way beyond and above any user experience ever seen in this industry!
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Jobs at Birdie

Birdie Team

Max Parmentier
Founder & CEO @ Birdie (elderly care). Founder & CEO @ (largest global health e-marketplace).Worked @ McKinsey, Global Fund, Kamet.Social innovator.
Gwen Le Calvez
Founder & CTO @ Birdie (Elderly care)
Abeed Mohamed
Co-founder, CFO & Head of Sales at Birdie
Rajiv Tanna
Cofounder @ Birdie. Product Scientist. Entrepreneur. Eternal learner driven by the belief technology can radically improve the world.
laetitia van hoecke
Seasoned international marketing executive, with extensive experience in product launch, project management, brand & communication strategy.
Aymeric Flaisler
Data Engineer/Scientist and entrepreneur with 7yrs+ of experience. I a multicultural person with a passion for CS, ML and beautiful data visualisation <3 D3.js
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