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Elegant Smart Home Products

Do you want to build the future of health and safety in the home and in our cities? At Birdi, our mission is to build elegant devices that save lives. To do this, we’re defining the experiences for tomorrows “quantified home”. Read More
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What We're Building

At Birdi we build elegant devices and precision sensors that save lives and make people healthier.

* Birdi Smart Detector: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Gas + Air Quality. Sleek, powerful and designed for wellness. The product is legally required in almost every room in the USA as a smoke + gas alarm. Our WiFi connection takes it further, keeping you alert anywhere in the world. Bluetooth LE tracks events & quiets false alarms. Custom health + safety sensors ensure nothing but the best for your family.
* Birdi Safety Sensor: the most precise solution for detecting fire emergencies while minimizing false alarms & learning over time.
* Birdi Health Sensor: a unique ability to track everyday health dangers like indoor air pollution, including Small Particles PM2.5 + Stale Air CO2.
* Birdi App: a platform for the smart home. Helping users manage their connected devices with personalized tips on improving well-being thanks to our advanced sensor network + intelligence systems.

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Birdi Team

Mark Belinsky
Technology entrepreneur and product executive. Recent CEO & Co-Founder of acquired venture-backed connected consumer electronics startup.

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Birdi Investors

Mike Dussault
SpaceX currently, Valve for 10 yrs, co-created hit Morfo app, director of dev for Lithtech engine (shipped in 60+ gaming titles).
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