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Connecting the World to Startups Transforming Healthcare

We are next generation impact investors democratizing access to private healthcare companies tackling some of humanities biggest challenges. Our investment thesis is focused around the convergence of bio + tech. We see this convergence as our a blueprint for innovation.

The Age of Biology

The convergence of bio + tech is making things more accessible, personalized, cheaper, and faster. We provides access to highly vetted healthcare startups changing the world with high return potential. We don't invest in moonshots. We invest in the rebel scientists, the visionaries pushing the boundaries to find solutions to complex problems that are market ready or nearly there.

Founders in our portfolio gain access to the Bioverge Network, an expansive web of investors, subject matter experts, advisors, and others that are passionate about healthcare and driven to make a difference.

Discover. Engage. Invest.

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Please note: angel investing in technology startups is risky. There is a meaningful chance that a company will fail and return no money back to investors. Even with a successful company, investors should be prepared to have their capital committed for up to 10 years without liquidity.


Bioverge deals are highly curated. We syndicate our deal flow through AngelList when it's appropriate for the founders we are supporting.

Rick Gibb
Co-founder @Bioverge • Venture Capital @Stanford University • Studied @Johns Hopkins University, @Rice University
Neil Littman
Founder @Bioverge. VP of BD @Notable Labs. Investing in the future: bio + tech @Notable Labs @Ligandal @Echo Laboratories @CrowdMed @Blue Mesa Health
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Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO @DRAFT. Investor in 40+ startups.
Vasu Kulkarni
Founder / CEO of @Krossover , Managing Partner @Courtside Ventures
Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale for A&D/Life Sciences Author of The Icarus Prediction 80+ Angel Investments UMBC Alumni Stanford AI Graduate Studies
Ken Keller
Co-founder,, Cadence (SDA); emp #1 excite; emp #2 Frame. All but excite are current leaders.
Christopher Grey
Co-founder and COO @CapLinked. Former private equity partner and banker for $6 billion of investments. @Stanford University University years ago.
Tyler Willis
Founder of @Unsupervised — Investor in companies like @Lyft, @Patreon & @Lambda School.
Can help with
“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Armando Biondi
Cofounder @AdEspresso, acquired by @Hootsuite in Feb 2017. Investor in 75 startups + @AngelList Lead. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Stefano Bernardi
ED @Aragon Angel @Atomico Previously Co-Founded @Mission and Market and @Kickpay (YC W15). Spent time at @500 Startups and @TechCrunch. BSc Computer Eng
Neil and his new platform Bioverge have been a great resource for myself and Notable Labs. He has an extensive network across life sciences, and pitches in with great input on strategy and troubleshooting. I look forward to every meeting with Neil and think of him as a member of our team!
Neil lead an SPV investment in CrowdMed with Bioverge, and was professional and easy to work with throughout the process. He has a solid understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and asks all the right questions.
I love working with Neil and Rick at Bioverge. From the beginning of their diligence process to completion, they demonstrated a standout understanding of the industry as a whole, as well as our specific technical approach and immediate use cases. Neil has seen a lot of technologies through his...more
Bioverge is one of my top sources of highly-curated biotech and healthtech investment opportunities. Their deal flow, diligence process and syndicate reach make me more comfortable investing in companies they back than many others. Once committed, I have also seen how Bioverge supports its...more
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